How To Install Canon Inkjet Print Utility

Canon Inkjet Print Utility is a free application that allows you to make advanced print settings and check your printer’s current status. This free utility is available for Windows 8.1 and Mac OS versions 2.12. It can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store or Apple Store. Let's see how to install Canon Inkjet print utility.

The Canon Inkjet Print utility is supported by almost all the Canon inkjet and Canon all-in-one inkjet printers. Some of the Canon printer series that are compatible with this utility are:

Canon TS8430 series, XK90 series, TR7500 series, TR7530 series, TS708 series, XK80 series, TR8630 series, TR7600 series, G3060 series, GX6000 series, E3300 series, G5080 series, E3100 series, TS9000 series, GM2000 series, TS8280 series, G2010 series, E3400 series, MB5400 series, MB5100 series, MB2700 series, MB2100 series, iB4100 series, MG54400 series, PRO-1 series, PRO-100 series, PRO-10 series, and more.

On this page, you’ll learn how to install and use the Canon Inkjet print utility on your computer.

Installing the Canon Inkjet print utility

The following instructions are suitable only for Windows.

  • Go to the Microsoft Store.
  • Search for the Canon Inkjet print utility and select it.
  • On the utility screen, click on the Get button to begin the download process.
  • Perform the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Once the utility is installed on the computer, you can use it as per your desire. 

On Mac, the Canon Inkjet print utility is installed along with the printer driver. 

Install Canon Inkjet Print Utility

Accessing the Canon Inkjet print utility 

For Windows

  • Double-click on the Canon Inkjet Print Utility software on your computer.
  • Now, the utility will start to open.
  • Once the utility is opened on your computer, you can configure the print settings as per your desire.

For Mac

  • From the Apple menu, select the System Preferences option.
  • Click on the Printers & Scanners option followed by the Open Printer Utility button.
  • Now, the Canon printer utility window will open.

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