We are aware that users may face difficulties while setting up their newly bought printers. That's why we keep providing instructions to set up your printer on a wireless network. In this article, we teach about the Canon MG3100 printer wireless setup.

Before going into the setup procedure, make sure that you have unpacked your printer and removed all the packing materials, loaded paper into the paper tray, and installed the ink tanks properly. Once you have done these steps correctly, we can move to the wireless setup process.

Canon Mg3100 Printer Wireless Setup


Before we look into the Canon MG3100 wireless setup process, we must check for the following:

  • Make sure the router has the WPS push button.
  • Ensure that your network uses WPA or WPA2 security protocol.

Let's Jump Into The Canon Mg3100 Wifi Setup Procedure.

  • Turn on the printer.
  • On your printer control panel, select the Wi-Fi icon and move to Settings.
  • Next, press the Wireless Settings option.
  • Continue with the instructions until you reach the part where you need to enable WPS setup on your printer.
  • Once you enable the WPS feature, check if the LED flashes on the printer screen.
  • Press the WPS button on your wireless router under 2 minutes.
  • Once the wireless connection is complete, the LED light on the printer lights up for about three seconds.
  • Also, ensure that the blue light is also lit on the printer.
  • In case the printer flashes any error code (Letter E flashes and then a number followed by another), press the Black or Color button to dismiss the error. Now, repeat the above steps.


To know if the printer is connected successfully to your wireless network, print the network settings of your printer.

  • Turn on the printer.
  • Load paper into the printer.
  • Hit the Maintenance button on repeat.
  • Press the Black or Color button.
  • On the printout, you must see Link Status as Active, and the SSID indicates the exact name of your wireless network.

Here ends the Canon MG3100 printer wireless setup. If you need further guidance on the printer setup, do contact us.

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