Is your Canon MX920 printing blank pages? It will be frustrating when you see your printer printing nothing but blank pages. Suppose you are worried about your printer, just relax, this problem can be fixed easily by yourself. All you need is patience and time to implement our solutions. If you got that, continue reading this article.If you are a new printer user, you may feel that your printer is defective. But, the chances of your printer being defective are significantly less. Let us see how to fix the printer printing blank pages issue.

Canon MX920 Printing Blank Pages


If your printer prints blank pages, the first thing you must check is the ink level in the cartridge

Check the ink level from your computer:

Canon Pixma MX920 Printing Blank Pages
  • Go to the Start menu and click Devices and Printers.
  • Right-click on your printer model and choose Printing Preferences.
  • Click the Maintenance tab and choose View Printer Status.
  • Now, the Canon IJ Status Monitor pops up and displays the ink status.
  • Click Ink Details for ink-related information.
  • In case the ink level in the cartridge is full and still the printer prints blank pages, you must perform print head cleaning because the print head may be clogged. To find out whether the print head is clogged or not, perform a nozzle check pattern.

Check nozzle pattern

Canon Pixma MX920 Printer Printing Blank Pages
  • Turn on your printer.
  • Make sure plain paper is loaded in the paper cassette.
  • Open the output tray.
  • Press Menu on your printer.
  • Select Setup and press OK.
  • Choose the Maintenance option and press the OK button.
  • Now, select the Print nozzle check pattern and press OK to confirm.
  • When the confirmation screen appears, choose Yes and press OK.
  • Once the nozzle check pattern is printed, check if your printer prints anything on the blank page. If you see prints, check if any lines are missing or there are white streaks in the pattern.
  • If the nozzle check pattern is not clear or missing lines, perform print head cleaning.

Clean print head

  • Turn on your printer and load paper in the cassette if not done already.
  • Grip the paper output tray and open it gently.
  • Press the Menu button in order to open the settings menu.
  • Choose Setup and press the OK button.
  • Pick the Maintenance option and press OK.
  • Choose Cleaning and select Yes when prompted for confirmation.
  • Do not perform any operation while the printer cleans the print head.
  • Once the print head is cleaned, perform a nozzle check pattern again and see if the clog has been cleared. If you still find defective patterns, perform deep print head cleaning. Go to the Maintenance settings and select Deep cleaning.
Pixma MX920 Printing Blank Pages
  • Suppose the ink level is low, you have to replace the cartridge before printing again.
  • Your printer must be turned on while you replace the ink cartridge.
  • Flip open the document cover.
  • Unlock the ink cover.
  • Remove the ink cartridge, which is low on ink.
  • Take the replacement cartridge out from its package.
  • Remove the orange tape as well as the protective film completely.
  • Also, remove the orange protective cap without touching the Y-shaped air hole.
  • Position the ink cartridge at a slant and insert it.
  • Press the ink cartridge until it locks.
  • Close the ink cover and document cover gently.
  • Now, cancel all the print tasks in queue and try to print again.
  • Check if the printer prints whatever you have assigned.

If the printer still prints blank pages, uninstall and reinstall the printer driver or update the printer driver. Make sure you download the printer driver from the official site.

We hope your Canon MX920 is no longer printing blank pages. If you can’t fix the Canon MX920 printing blank issue, feel free to call us so we can guide you better.

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