Canon PIXMA G3020 is an All-in-One InkJet printer used for high volume printing, scanning and copying. It is a wireless printer and can easily be connected to a computer, smartphone, or laptop using Wireless LAN and Wireless Direct. Let’s see about the setup of Canon PIXMA G3020 in the upcoming sections.


Unboxing and Initial Setup:

  • Take out the printer and check the box content.
  • Remove the packing material from the outside of the printer.
  • Open the scanner unit and remove the protective packaging material inside the printer.
  • Open the print heads locking cover.
  • Take out the print heads and remove the protective material and orange tape.
  • Insert the color print head on the left and the black print head on the right.
  • Close the print head locking cover and push it down.

Cartridge Installation:

  • Open the left and right ink tank cover.
  • Take out the caps from all the tanks.
  • Hold the ink bottle and remove the bottle caps. Pour the ink into their respective tanks.
  • First, pour black ink into the left tank. Then pour cyan, magenta, and yellow color into the respective tanks
  • Confirm whether the ink has been filled to the upper line limit and then close the scanner unit.
  • Connect the power cord and press the ON button to turn on the printer.
  • Select your Language and press OK.
  • Select country or region and press OK.
  • Confirm that all the ink tanks are filled by selecting Yes > OK.

Paper Loading steps:

  • Open the paper support and pull the paper support extension.
  • Slide the right paper guides to the outer side.
  • Load a paper stack with the print side facing up.
  • Adjust the right paper guides to fit the paper into its place.
  • Drag out the paper output tray and its extension.

Driver Downloading Steps:

  • Go to Canon’s official website and enter your printer model.
  • Click on the Drivers and Downloads option.
  • Choose Windows from the Operating System drop-down menu and select your Language.
  • Choose your required driver and click Download.

Driver Installation steps:

  • Double-click on the downloaded file; a Canon screen will appear.
  • Click on Start Setup.
  • Select Country or Region and click Next.
  • Accept End User License Agreement.
  • Choose Agree or Do not agree to the Extended Survey Program.
  • Click Next on the Firewall Settings screen.
  • In the Check the Connection Method Window, choose Wired or Wireless connection and click Next.
  • On the Connection completed screen, click Next.
  • Click Next on the Setup Complete screen.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the Canon PIXMA G3020 driver installation process.

These are the steps to be followed for setting up the Canon PIXMA G3020 printer. If you face any issue, contact our technical support.