Canon Pixma IP100 service error 5100

If the printer is displaying the Canon Pixma IP100 service error 5100 when there is a printer carriage jam. This error can be solved by sticking to the guidelines that follow.

How to Solve Canon Pixma IP100 Service Error 5100?

  • The print carriage jam is caused by obstruction to the movement of the carriage that might not be visible at first glance.
  • Check the gears, the print carriage path, and the plastic encoder strip for the obstructions.
  • The purge cap is also an area that needs to be checked.
  • It is the spot where the printhead stops in when the printer is not in use. If this spot is not lubricated properly, you can apply white grease and take care not accidentally to apply it on the small wipers or black caps.
  • To access this area, remove the two screws behind the Canon Pixma IP100 device and two screws at the front.
  • Now, take the right panel off the device and then remove the top cover. This enables the printhead mechanism to function freely, and the error code 5100 should no longer appear.
  • Alternatively, to reset the device, and consequently any error code, unplug it while it is still on and then plug it back after the LCD turns off.
  • If the Pixma device doesn’t get turned on automatically, turn it on manually. Follow the above steps to solve the Canon Pixma IP100 service error 5100 code.
Canon PIXMA IP100 Service Error 5100

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