Canon PIXMA MG2550S is a three-in-one printer that allows you to perform the print, scan, and copy operations over a USB cable connection. The My Image Garden application that is supported by this printer allows you to create and organize images easily like never before.

Like any other Canon printer, MG2550S also encounters some common issues. Most of these issues can be resolved easily by performing basic solutions. At times, resetting the printer will be the only solution to make the printer work.

In case your Canon PIXMA MG2550S is not working even after reset, then check whether you have performed the basic solutions correctly. Some of the basic solutions are given below.

Canon Pixma Mg2550s Not Working Even After Reset

The printer not turning on

  • If your Canon printer is not turning on, check whether the power cord is connected properly and then press the button to turn on the printer.
  • Connect the cable securely if it is not connected properly.
  • If the printer remains turned off, then unplug and reconnect the cable to a different outlet.

The printer turns off automatically

  • Check whether the Auto Power Off option is enabled on your printer.
  • If yes, disable it, as this option will automatically turn off your printer after a specific time.
  • To disable the Auto Power Off option, go to your printer’s Maintenance section.
  • Locate the Auto Power Off option and deselect it.

If your Canon PIXMA MG2550S is not working even after reset, then you need to follow the given below steps.

The printer not connecting to a computer

  • Make sure that the USB cable that you're using is firmly connected to the Hi-Speed USB port on your computer.
  • Also, check if the USB cable is connected securely between the Canon printer and your computer.
  • Make sure the cable is not damaged.

Other basic solutions to resolve the issue:

  • Check if the paper is loaded properly in the rear tray.
  • Make sure that the FINE ink cartridges are installed properly.
  • Check whether you have installed the correct printer driver on your computer. If not, uninstall and reinstall the correct one.

Procedure to hard reset your Canon PIXMA MG2550S printer

  • Turn off your printer if it is turned on.
  • Hold down the Stop button on your printer’s control panel for about two seconds.
  • Now, press and hold the Power button.
  • Make sure to press the Stop and Power buttons for another 2 seconds.
  • After 2 seconds, release the Stop button.
  • Press the Stop button five times while holding down the Power button.
  • Now, your Canon printer will start to reboot automatically.
  • Once the reboot is completed, configure the printer settings correctly and check whether the Canon PIXMA MG2550S not working issue is fixed.

If your Canon PIXMA MG2550S is not working even after reset, then you need to service the printer.