The Canon PIXMA MP287 printer does not support wireless connectivity. This printer can be connected to your computer using a USB cable. So, there’s no possibility of connecting your Canon printer to your computer through a wireless connection. Look at this page to connect the Canon printer to your computer through a wired connection. Here, in this guide, look for the USB setup steps.

Connecting the Canon PIXMA MP287 printer to your computer

Since your Canon printer comes with a setup CD-ROM, it is easy to obtain the printer driver to connect the printer to your computer. Why do we download the printer driver?

  • Simple. It is used to build communication between your computer and printer. Using every feature in it, you'll be able to do the printer setup with ease. So, before you begin the setup procedure, just ensure that you complete the initial hardware setup procedure.
  • After completing the hardware setup procedure, you’ll have to install the printer driver to establish the connection between your computer and printer through a USB cable.
  • Since this printer comes with a setup CD-ROM, just insert the CD into your computer's CD/DVD drive. Before you begin, ensure that you’ve removed the power cable and the printer is free of USB cable. Later, you’ll have to ensure that you’ve turned on your computer with administrator rights.
Canon Pixma Mp287 Wireless Setup

Installing the Canon PIXMA MP287 printer driver

Note: Turn off the printer if it is turned on.

  • Once you’ve inserted the CD, the setup screen appears.
  • You need to select the language, country, or region as well. After selecting it, you'll have to proceed to install the Canon PIXMA MP287 printer driver by clicking Next.
  • Select Easy Install.
  • You’ll be asked to read the end-user license agreement. Read it carefully and then click Yes.
  • Later, click Next to continue with the installation.
  • When prompted, connect the USB cable to the free port of your Canon PIXMA MP287 printer and your computer. The USB port’ll be located on the right side of your Canon printer. Turn on the printer.
  • The printer driver starts to download automatically.
  • Finally, click Exit. You’re done. The printer driver is installed now.

In case you’re using a Mac, the steps mentioned above are applicable to Mac also. If you are using the setup CD-ROM for installing the software, just ensure that you follow the steps given above.

Apply the steps mentioned above to perform the USB setup.

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