Canon Pixma Printer Won't Reset

Basically, the reset process is performed as a part of troubleshooting. When common solutions don’t resolve the printer issues, you can perform the hard reset, or the soft reset to restore the printer settings to factory defaults.

Now, if the reset process doesn’t resolve your printer issue or the reset process has failed to work successfully on your printer, then it means there is some print job is running in the background.There could also be a problem with the printer hardware. Check whether any print job exists. If yes, cancel or finish it and then perform the reset. If not, you can check for printer hardware issues.

You can still try the soft, hard, and factory reset process repeatedly on your Canon printer by following the instructions given below.

Note: The soft, hard, and factory reset procedures might vary based on the Canon printer models. In the below section, you can find only the basic steps. To know the reset process in detail, contact us.

Canon Pixma Printer Won't Reset

Canon PIXMA soft reset

Before resetting the printer, check the reset options available for the printer.

  • Go to your Canon printer’s RESET menu.
  • Select the Soft Reset option using the arrow buttons.
  • Confirm the reset option by pressing the OK button.
  • Once the soft reset is done, you’ll see a confirmation message on your printer screen.

Canon PIXMA hard reset

Generally, the hard reset will resolve majority of the printer issues. However, before performing the hard reset process, you can try to power reset your printer.

  • Turn off your Canon printer completely.
  • Disconnect the power, USB, or Ethernet cables from the printer.
  • Leave your printer disconnected from the power source for a while.
  • After a while, reconnect the cables and turn on the printer.
  • If the same issue persists on your printer, then perform the hard reset as discussed below.

Steps for hard reset

  • Locate and hold down the Stop button on your printer’s control panel.
  • Once the alarm light starts to flash, release the button.
  • Now, the hard reset process will be initiated on your printer.
  • Once the hard reset is completed, reinstall the printer driver on your computer.

Canon PIXMA factory reset

  • Go to the Setup menu of your printer.
  • Select Device Settings > Reset setting > Reset all > Yes > OK.

Still if you find that your Canon printer is not resetting, contact us for remote assistance.

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