Canon Printer Default Password [Quick Guide]

Depending on the type of Canon printer you are using, the default password will be assigned at the time of purchase.

The default password for the Canon printer is either Canon or the Canon printer serial number (if specified). The usual default password for your Canon printer is 7654321. But, if you wish to replace or reset the password, you can do so in these simple steps.

Canon Printer Default Password
  • Make sure that your Canon printer is connected to the power source and turned on.
  • Open the default browser on your computer.
  • Type the Canon printer IP address in the address bar and press the Enter button.
  • If you are uncertain about the IP address of the printer, you can print a network configuration sheet from the printer.
  • Press and hold the printer’s Wi-Fi button until you see the Wi-Fi lamp flash.
  • Press the Color button and then press the Wi-Fi button twice.
  • Press the White button or the Color button.
  • The printer will start to print the network configuration sheet.
  • You will notice the IP address of the Canon printer under the IPv4 IP Address field.
  • Enter the IP address as seen in the IPv4 IP Address section in the address bar of the browser.
  • Once done, you are open to the printer status.
  • Click the Security option.
  • Choose Administrator password setting.
  • Select Change administrator password.
  • If the printer does not have an administrator password, a registration message will be displayed.
  • Select Yes and then click OK.
  • Enter a valid password in the given field and press the OK button.

NOTE: You need to know that the password must satisfy certain requirements.

The password must be 4-32 characters long. It is necessary to use at least 8 alphanumeric characters. Once the completion message is seen on the screen, click the OK button.  So, you have seen the necessary steps and information you must know about the Canon Printer Default Password.

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