How To Install Canon Printer Drivers For Mac?

Canon provides various printer drivers and utilities to make printing easier. Usually, the manufacturer provides the Setup CD-ROM along with the printer package. In case your computer doesn't support the CD-ROM, download the driver from the official Canon site. To know how to get the Canon printer drivers for Mac, refer below.

To know how to get the Canon printer drivers for your Mac, keep reading the instructions below.

  • On your Mac, open the default browser and go to the official Canon site.
  • On the Canon Support page, enter your printer's model number in the search field.
  • Click the printer model from the search result.
  • Next, click the Drivers & Downloads tab near the image of your printer.
  • Scroll down the page and check if your macOS version has been detected and is displayed in the Operating System drop-down menu.
  • If necessary, select the correct OS version from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the Drivers tab and choose the required driver from the displayed list.
  • Next, click the Download button and save the driver file to your Mac.

You have now seen how to download the Canon printer driver on your Mac.

Continue reading the instructions to know how to install the downloaded driver.

  • Before starting the installation, remove the previously installed Canon printer drivers.
  • Disconnect your printer from the Mac computer if you have already connected it via a USB cable.
  • Open the Downloads folder on your Mac and double-click the downloaded driver file to create a disk image on your desktop.
  • If prompted, enter the administrator password in the required field and click Continue.
  • Next, open the created disk image and double-click the installer icon to run the driver installation wizard.
  • Start the setup wizard and choose your region/country from the drop-down menu.
  • Agree to the EULA and install the required software by selecting them in the setup wizard.
  • Choose your connection type and carry out the on-screen instructions to establish the connection between your printer and Mac.
Canon Printer Drivers For Mac
  • Once the connection is made, the confirmation message 'Connected' will appear on the computer screen.
  • Finish the rest of the instructions in the setup wizard and add your printer to your Mac.

You have now seen how to install the Canon printer drivers for Mac.

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