Canon Printer Error Code 1240 Issue Solved

“Receiving the Canon printer error code 1240 when trying to print a document?” Then, you’re not alone. This error code is received by many Canon PIXMA G7000, PIXMA TR8500, and PIXMA TR7500 series printer users.

Canon Printer Error Code 1240 - Solved

On this page, we’ve covered all the possible solutions that will help you clear this error.

Error code 1240 On Operation Panel

Generally, if the output tray of your printer is located inside the printer, you must open the operation panel when performing the print or copy operation. If the panel is closed, you might receive the error code 1240.

Opening The Operation Panel- Best And Quick Solution

  • Open the operation panel of your Canon PIXMA TR7500, TR8500, or G7000 series printer if it is closed.
  • After doing that, gently pull out the printer’s output tray followed by the paper output support if necessary.
  • Also, open the output tray extension of your printer.
  • Now, tap the OK button on the Support Code screen or press the OK button on your printer’s operation panel.
  • If the Canon printer error code 1240 is cleared, the printer will automatically resume the print operation. (Press Stop if you wish to cancel the queued print job).
  • Otherwise, the Support code 1240 will be displayed again on your printer screen.

Operation Panel Closed 1240 Canon Error - 2 Ways To Fix

Even after opening the operation panel, if you receive the support code 1240, try these simple solutions to clear it.

Restart Your Canon Printer

  • The restart process will help you resolve your printer's hidden and unknown problems.
  • Press or tap the OK button on the operation panel or the LCD on your printer.
  • Now, switch off your printer completely.
  • Unplug and reconnect the power cord from/to the printer.
  • Once the Canon printer becomes silent, print a test page to check whether the support code 1240 is cleared.
  • The error code is cleared if the printer prints the test page successfully.
  • Otherwise, try the solution below.

Update The Printer Firmware/install The Latest Printer Driver

  • In some cases, an incompatible or outdated printer driver or firmware will also lead to these kinds of printer problems.
  • Update the printer firmware if available.
  • This section shows how to update the Canon PIXMA TR7520 printer’s firmware from its operational panel.
  • Initially, ensure that your printer is connected to a stable internet connection.
  • Now, press the Home button if necessary.
  • Choose Setup >> Settings >> Device Settings >> Firmware Update >> Install update.
  • Now, the printer screen will display the “The latest firmware…” message if the firmware is available.
  • Tap Yes.
  • Update the firmware by following the prompts displayed on the screen.
  • Similarly, check and install the latest Canon printer driver on your computer.

Get An Instant Solution

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