Canon Printer Mx850 Error Code 5010

Error codes appear due to various reasons and they can emerge without any indications. Are you encountering the error code 5010 on your Canon mx850 printer? This article can help you fix the 5010 error code on your Canon printer mx850. The error code 5010 on your Canon printer indicates the failure of the main control board. So, try out the troubleshooting techniques mentioned in the upcoming sections and check whether you can fix the problem.

Power cycle your printer

A simple power cycle can help you fix most of the significant issues. Implement the following instructions and power cycle your printer.

  • Turn off your Canon mx850 printer and unplug the power cord.
  • Let it stay undisturbed for a minute.
  • Now, reconnect the power cord and turn on your printer.
  • Check whether the error code is fixed. If not, go to the next step.
Canon Printer Mx850 Error Code 5010

Update the printer drivers

If the printer drivers are outdated, it may cause more significant issues. Thus you need to keep your printer driver up to date. To update your printer driver, go to the official support page of Canon from your default browser.

  • Enter your printer model and download the updated printer driver recommended for your OS.
  • Once you have installed the updated printer driver, check whether the issue is resolved.

Fix corrupted files

The error code 5010 on your Canon printer may have occurred due to Windows system file damage. The corrupted files may be a real threat to your computer. Corrupted files emerge due to various reasons, including an incomplete installation or improper deletion of applications. In that case, you can fix the issue by choosing a restore point on your computer.

  • Log in to your computer as an administrator.
  • Click Start and choose All Programs > Accessories> System Tools> System Restore.
  • Next, choose the Restore my computer to an earlier time option and click System Restore.
  • In the confirmation window, click Next.
  • Once your computer is restored, it will restart.

Now check whether the issue is resolved. If you cannot fix the problem yet, you need to replace the main control board of your printer. You can also get back to us for assistance in resolving the issue.

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