Setting up a multi-functional printer over a wireless network is one of the simplest and easiest jobs to perform. However, based on the wireless options and printer models, the Wi-Fi setup process might vary a little bit.This page shows you the procedure to set up the Canon PIXMA TR8520 printer over a wireless network.

Canon Tr8520 Wireless Setup

Setting up your wireless printer

You can set up the Canon TR8520 printer over a wireless network through:

  • WPS
  • Easy Wireless Connect
  • Manual Connect

All the above three methods are simple. This section will show you the Canon TR8520 Wi-Fi setup using the Manual Connect method.

Using “Manual Connect”

Initially, prepare your printer, computer, and wireless router for the wireless setup. Then, begin the Wi-Fi process.

Preparing the devices

  • Turn on your Canon TR8520 printer if it is turned off.
  • Also, turn on your Windows or Mac computer and the wireless router if they are turned off.
  • Ensure that your router is connected to a stable internet connection.
  • Gather your network’s SSID and password if you have no idea about them.
  • Check to ensure that your printer, computer, and wireless router are placed in the same room.

Connecting the printer to a wireless network

If you are connecting your Canon PIXMA MG3022 printer to the computer for the first time, you need to download the respective printer driver on your computer. Follow the below instructions to finish the wireless setup.

  • Open the Home screen on your printer.
  • Tap on the Wi-Fi icon on the home screen of your printer.
  • Tap On The Wi-fi Icon
  • Now, the Basic network information screen will open.
  • Tap on the LAN settings button on the opened screen.
  • Tap On The Lan Settings
  • Choose Wireless LAN > Wireless LAN setup > Manual Connect.
  • Choose Wireless Lan
  • Now, your Canon printer will search for the available wireless networks and display their SSIDs or network names on the screen.
  • Choose your wireless network’s SSID on the “Select wireless router” screen.
  • If your wireless network is not displayed on the screen, tap Search again and select it.
  • Tap Search Again
  • Type your network’s password in the given field.
  • Tap OK to connect your printer to the wireless network.

Installing the printer software

  • Install the Canon TR8520 printer software on your computer to complete the wireless setup.
  • To do so:
  • First, connect your Windows or Mac computer to the same wireless network as that of your printer.
  • Next, run the printer software from the setup CD or the downloaded driver folder.
  • Install the printer software by following the prompts displayed on the screen.
  • Finally, print a test page to check whether the Canon TR8520 wireless setup is done correctly.

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