How to Connect Canon Pixma Printer to WiFi?

To know how to connect Canon Pixma printer to WiFi, follow the upcoming easy steps. Connecting a Canon Pixma printer to Wi-Fi can be done in two different ways - WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) & Standard Connection method. Among them, the WPS connection method is the most simple and quickest method as you don’t need to open a configuration page on browser or printer control panel. Most importantly it doesn’t require any password to be entered. But make sure that your printer and the access point have a WPS button. Else, go with the Standard Connection method.


This Canon printer supports both the WPS and the Standard Connection methods. The WPS method is explained with the intention that it is easy for users to follow. Refer to the simple steps to know how to connect CANON MX922 printer to WiFi easily.

  • The Pixma printer becomes active once you turn it on.
  • Locate the button named Menu on the printer operation panel and press it.
  • From the menu, select the WLAN setup option. (Highlight your selection using the navigation keys and confirm it with the OK button).
  • Wait until the MX922 printer recognizes the access point. Contact us to know how to connect Canon Pixma printer to Wifi.
  • When the access point is detected, a screen appears with a message asking you to press & hold the WPS button on the access point.
  • Hold the router’s WPS button for more than 5 seconds.
  • Now, press the OK button on the operation panel of the printer.
  • For more details on WPS connection, you can refer to the user documentation that accompanied your printer.
  • When a message stating Connected to the Access Point appears, select the OK button.
  • In case a timeout screen appears before the confirmation, press OK and repeat the process.
  • Once the confirmation message appears, install the printer software and start printing.


  • The instructions given below will help you to know how to connect Canon MG3620 printer to WiFi.
  • Turn on the Canon printer. Press the Wi-Fi button available on the control panel and hold it until the alarm lamp flashes.
  • Now, go to the access point and press the WPS button. Make sure to press the button within the next 2 minutes.
  • The Wi-Fi light will now start flashing when it searches for a wireless network.
  • The Power and Wi-Fi lamp will flash together when the connection is being made.
  • Printer’s Wi-Fi light stops flashing after establishing the connection.
  • Next, load plain paper into the input tray after aligning them.
  • Press the Resume/Cancel button and hold it firmly until the alarm light flashes 15 times.
  • Wait for the network information page to be printed.
  • You have to check the status near the Connection option. If it is specified as Active, it indicates that the connection has been made successfully. Reach our tech experts to know how to connect Canon Pixma printer to WiFi.

How To Connect Canon Mg3500 Printer To Wifi?

If your access point option is not supported on the WPS feature, then follow the instructions given below to know how to connect Canon MG3500 printer to WiFi.

  • Power on your printer.
  • Download the print driver software on your system.
  • Open the downloaded file. Click on the Start Setup option.
  • Choose your region and country from the pop-up menu when prompted.
  • Make sure to click the Next button whenever required.
  • Tap the Yes button to accept the terms & conditions in the License Agreement page.
  • Choose the Connection type as Wireless LAN Connection.
  • Now the software will check for your printer in the installed list.
  • Checkmark the box near the ‘Setting Printer could not be found on the list’ option.
  • Now the setup guide will open. Follow the on-screen instructions to prepare your printer for connection.
  • Wait for the setup process to complete.
  • Click the Next button once the setup is complete.
  • Now, try a test print to confirm the installation.
  • Once the entire setup is complete, click the Exit button. Call our technical experts and know how to connect Canon pixma printer to WiFi.

how to connect canon mx490 printer to wifi?

  • Make sure to power On your printer. Go to your printer’s LCD screen and press the Copy button. Follow the below steps to know how to connect Canon MX490 printer to WiFi.
  • Then, tap on the Setup button, and the Wireless LAN Setup option will display on the screen.
  • Touch the OK button, and your Pixma printer will search for the WPS capable network router.
  • When the WPS access point is found, a scrolling text will display on the panel.
  • Tap the Stop button available at the bottom of your Canon PIXMA MX490 printer to open the Standard setup window.
  • Now, press the OK button, and your Canon printer will search for your network or wireless access point.
  • Utilize the right arrow key for selecting your router. Tap the OK button twice and key in password in the Enter Passphrase field. To know how to connect Canon Pixma printer to WiFi, reach our technical support team.
  • After entering the key, press OK. Once the Connected pop-up window appears, touch the OK option.
  • Choose the Copy button and now start installing the printer driver. Download the installation files from this site.
  • To get started, open the driver file on your personal computer.
  • Select Next on the screen that opens and choose the Wireless LAN Connection option on the Connection Method window.
  • Click Next and choose the Connect via Wireless Router radio button.
  • Go with the on-screen procedure for installing the software.
  • Print an alignment page and if needed, register your Canon PIXMA MX490 printer.

how to connect canon mg3650 to WiFi?

  • Download the Canon printer app from the trusted official site.
  • Open the application after installing it. Add the printer. Follow the simple steps to know how to Connect Canon MG3650 to wifi.
  • Select the “Register Printer” option.
  • Select the “Printer Setup” option.
  • Then, click on the “Connect via wireless router” option.
  • Put the printer in IJ setup mode.
  • Press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the printer until the on LED flashes. Get in touch with our experts to know how to connect Canon Pixma printer to WiFi.
  • Press the “Color” button and then the “Wi-Fi” button quickly.
  • Wi-Fi led flashes quickly and the blue lamp lights.
  • On your system, connect to the “Canon_ij_xxx_network.
  • Return to the application and press the “OK” button to proceed with the setup.
  • Select the home Wi-Fi network to connect your printer and enter the password for the network.
  • Lamps on the printer will be lit when the connection is established.
  • Return to the application and search for the printer on your network.
  • Now, add the Canon MG3650 printer to the application.
  • The printer is now connected to the Wi-Fi network and registered in the canon app.

How To Connect Canon Mx492 Printer To WiFi?

  • Plug in your printer to the power socket and turn it on.
  • If the LCD screen of your printer is blank, press the Copy button. Reach our experts to know how to connect Canon MX492 printer to WiFi.
  • Now, press the Setup button when the screen is on.
  • Press the Wireless LAN Setup option, and then choose OK.
  • You will be displayed with a scrolling message on the screen. Press the Stop button to perform further adjustments.
  • Using the right arrow button on your printer choose the Other Setup option and press OK.
  • Again, press OK after selecting the Cableless Setup option.
  • A message will scroll on the screen of your printer. Now, install the Canon PRINT app on your device.
  • Launch the app on your device and check if your printer name appears on top of the screen.
  • If your printer name is not displayed on the screen, tap the Add Printer icon. To know how to connect Canon Pixma printer to WiFi, contact our support team.
  • Tap Register Printer ---→ Printer Setup ---→ Connect via Wireless Router.
  • Once the Canon Wi-Fi Setup screen appears, connect your printer to the network that displays Canon IJ Setup.
  • After connecting it to the network, tap OK and choose the access point name to which you want to connect your printer.
  • Enter the passphrase to connect your printer and tap OK.
  • Check if the name of your Canon printer is displayed. If the printer name is available, tap on it and press the OK button.
  • This completes the wireless printer setup. Try to print using your Canon printer.


  • Power On your printer and follow the below steps to know how to connect Canon MG3250 printer to WiFi.
  • Press the Wi-Fi button on the printer and hold the same until the Wireless light flashes.
  • Once the light on your printer flashes blue, press the WPS button on the router.
  • The blue light on your printer will remain flashing until the device gets connected to the wireless network.
  • Choose the name of the network to which you are going to connect your printer from the LCD screen.
  • Enter the passkey for your network and press OK. When the light remains light, it indicates that your printer has been connected to the network.
  • Ensure that you connect your Canon printer and the system to the same wireless network. Reach our support team to know how to connect Canon Pixma printer to Wifi easily.
how to connect Canon Pixma printer to Wifi

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