How Do I Install A Canon Printer Without The Disk?

Having a printer can be a huge added advantage. In these times when lots of people are working remotely, a printer can be one of the most useful assets that can be added to your workstation.

Having a Canon printer will open the door to new possibilities, and you can make your own changes based on the requirements. There are Canon printers that support all-in-one functions (AIO), and there are Canon printers that support just printing. Either way, both kinds of printers need a proper setup for the machines to function. If you are on the never-ending search for the best printer in the market, Canon printers are your best bet.

Let's say you already have a Canon printer in hand and it can do all the functions you desire. The first thing about the Canon printer is to know how you will set up the hardware components. This article is for users who are less versed in the printing world and need help on how to install a Canon printer (without a CD). The components inside the Canon carton vary from one model to another. If your Canon printer does not come with an installation CD, you have to install the printer through another method (downloading the driver from the Canon support page).

Before reading the steps to install the printer, ensure that you have performed the hardware setup for the printer. You will now be reading the steps for installing a Canon printer without an installation CD.

(Let us assume that the hardware setup is complete and the printer is connected to the router).

How Do I Install A Canon Printer Without The Disk?


  • Open the Canon support page for the printer.
  • Click the Drivers, Manuals and Firmware tab.
  • Select the operating system from the drop-down list.
  • Select the Driver Language and click the Search button.
  • Once the support page refreshes, click the Download button for the printer driver.
  • Perform a double-click on the downloaded driver to start the installation.

Driver Installation:

  • Run the downloaded driver on your computer.
  • Ensure not to connect the printer to the computer yet.
  • Once the installer opens, follow the commands on the screen.
  • When the connection screen opens, select the method of connection you want for the printer.

USB Connection:

  • Connect the USB cable to the Canon printer and the computer.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions on the computer.
  • The initialization will take some time, and soon, the connection will be complete.

Wireless Connection:

  • For having a wireless connection, the steps will vary from one Canon printer to another.
  • Connect the Canon printer and computer using a USB cable just for now and select the Wireless Connection option.
  • Follow the on-screen commands and complete the connection.
  • Once the wireless connection is secure, you can remove the USB cable connected to the Canon printer and the computer. 

Follow the setup procedure described above to install your Canon printer on your computer without the installation CD. 

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