How To Connect CANON TS3300 Printer To Wi-Fi

Canon PIXMA TS3300 series models have the capability to connect to devices via Wi-Fi and USB. Here we have discussed "How To Connect Canon TS3300 Printer To Wi-Fi" using the different wireless methods. Continue reading the instructions given below to get started with the wireless setup. Make sure not to skip the instructions to complete the setup hassle-free.

Connect Canon Ts3300 Printer To Wifi

Connect CANON Printer To Wi-Fi

  • To begin with, turn on your printer.
  • Confirm that the printer is placed close to your wireless router.
  • Verify if you have completed the basic setup.
  • On the printer control panel, press the Direct button. Hold it when the wireless light is flashed.
  • Make sure that the network icon starts blinking. This indicates that the Easy Wireless Connect method is initiated.
  • Now, connect your computer to your local wireless network.
  • Download and run the driver from the official Canon site.
  • In the setup wizard that appears, click the Start Setup button.
  • Read and accept the license agreements.
  • Confirm your connection type and continue with the installation.
  • Confirm your wireless network and enter the wireless network key in the Password field.
  • Click Next and wait until the wireless connection is established.
  • Verify the wireless setup by printing a test page from the setup wizard.

Using The WPS Push Button Configuration

This section describes how to connect my canon ts3300 printer to wifi using the WPS Push Button configuration. The greatest advantage of this WPS method is that you need not identify the wireless network credentials, such as the SSID and the network key for the wireless setup.

  • Before starting, ensure that your wireless router supports WPS.
  • Place the printer close to your router.
  • On your printer control panel, press and hold the Network button until the wireless light flashes.
  • Go to your wireless router within two minutes.
  • Press and hold the WPS button at the backside of your router until all the LEDs are flashed.
  • Wait for your printer to get connected to your wireless network.
  • Once the connection is made, go to your computer and complete the software installation.

Using The IJ Network Device Setup Utility

  • To begin with, power on your printer and connect it to your local wireless network.
  • Next, connect your PC to the same wireless network.
  • Download the Canon Ij Network Device Setup Utility from the official site.
  • Run the downloaded utility and click Yes to accept the license agreements.
  • Click the Printer Network Setup button and wait until the network-connected printers are detected and listed.
  • Choose your printer name and select the Wi-Fi option.
  • Click the OK button and enter your network credentials on the Network Settings screen.
  • Carry out the rest of the instructions and complete the Canon TS3300 How To Connect To Wifi process.

You have now seen how to connect the Canon TS3300 printer to Wi-Fi using different methods. For further queries and help, reach our technical experts through the call option on this page.

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