Whenever you buy a printer, you will be provided with an installation disk to install the required driver on your computer. However, not all computers include a CD drive. Moreover, an installation CD is not the only solution to install a printer driver on a computer. This article can give you simple steps for how to install Canon Pixma MP495 without CD. Read this article completely and learn the procedure in detail.


Know The Importance Of A Printer Driver

A printer’s driver is the software that takes care of the communication between a printer and the computer. So, it plays an indispensable role in printing the documents from the computer. For your Canon MP-495 printer, you can get the  driver from its official site itself. Proceed with the following section to download and install the appropriate printer driver on your computer.

Get The Printer Driver From Canon’s Official Website

It is always advisable to know the procedure for downloading a printer driver from the manufacturer’s website. Even if you have installed the printer driver that came along with your printer, it will go outdated within a few years. In those instances, the only option you have is to download the printer driver from its website. For your Canon printer, follow the instructions below to get the driver from the printer’s website.

  • From your default browser, visit the official page of Canon.
  • Enter your printer model (Canon MP-495) in the search field and press Enter.
  • Choose your printer from the search results.
  • On the product support page, click on the Drivers & Download button.
  • Choose your preferred OS and language from the drop-down menus.
  • When it shows you a list of compatible drivers for your Operating System, select the one you require and click Select> Download.
  • Now, the chosen printer driver will start to download in the background.
  • Continue reading the given steps to know how to install canon pixma mp495 without cd.

Install The Printer Driver

  • Once you have downloaded the printer driver, locate the file in the Downloads folder.
  • Run the setup file, and in the User Account Control dialog box, click Yes.
  • When the license agreement screen appears, accept the terms and conditions.
  • When prompted, choose the connection method you prefer and connect your printer and the computer accordingly.
  • In case you have chosen the Wireless connection method, make sure to connect your printer to the same wireless network to which your computer is connected. And enter the credentials of your router in the respective fields.
  • Make use of the instructions that appear on the screen and complete the installation process.

Now you have seen how to install Canon Pixma MP495 without CD. In case you cannot install it correctly, contact us to get assistance from our experts.

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